UMB Wireless Autologin
to give the UMASS Boston wireless autologin like 802.1x
September 2012
By Joseph Paul Cohen (Email: umbautologin /at/

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The UMB wireless since at least 2010 (with a short use of a login agent) has used a web based authentication page on their wireless system. This requires users to authenticate at least once or twice a day via a captive portal. This captive portal causes the computer to think its online when its not. This causes email clients to return server errors which causes setbacks in the productivity of the students. For smartphones the situation is worse. Smartphones can switch between wireless and 3G/4G antennas. Phones prefer wireless because it's faster and less expensive. If a student has wireless enabled their phone will attach to the UMB-Student network and not be able to check email. This is a major issue that other universities have solved by implementing 802.1x. The campus stated that it was not possible to implement what almost all other universities in Boston have, so this app is a solution to the problem!

main screen settings screen

This app works by simulating a user logging into the captive portal. It uses the username and password from the settings page to authenticate to the wireless network.

When your wifi connects to the network "UMB-Student" the process begins. It will first check to see if you are connected, if it encounters the login page it will log in.


You can also scan this barcode to get to this page on your phone:

qr code

If that doesn't work you can download a copy from here: the.umbautologin.apk

Report Bugs You can use the github issue tracker to report bugs:

Download Stats:
374 active device installs as of 1-30-2013
122 active device installs as of 12-6-2012
49 active device installs as of 10-14-2012
32 active device installs as of 9-22-2012

To Install: Go to the google market and search for umbautologin to find this app

How do I donate? I'm glad you asked. Email me at umbautologin -at-


It doesn't work after I install it -
Turn your wifi off and on and wait. The login in triggered when your network connection changes

It says wrong username and password -
Press setting and enter the username and password.

What is the "URL to check" -
It is used to check if you can access the internet. Don't change this from ""

Do I have to open the app when I get to campus -
No it will turn on when it senses youa re connected to "UMB-Student"